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VADriven Salutes Veterans With Patron Special

VADriven Salutes Veterans With Patron Special

In honor of all the men and women who bravely serve our military, VADriven is offering a Patron subscription special for the next 48 hours. From now until 6PM EST Friday, November 11, any military personnel who purchases a Patron membership will have the length of the subscription doubled! This applies to all our Patron tiers: 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and yearly subscriptions. Click through for details!

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Welcome to VADriven v3.0!

Welcome to VADriven v3.0!

As you’ve probably noticed, things are looking a little different around here. We’ve just launched our latest redesign, rebranding and relaunch of VADriven. We’ve been working behind the scenes to make improvements across the board, from a major software update to a renewal of sorts for the community. The changes and improvements aren’t limited to cosmetic design updates, but a renewed focus here that will move us into a new era for the site.

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Get social with VADriven!

Get social with VADriven!

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When this site was first launched nearly nine solid years ago, none of you had probably even heard of Facebook, Twitter or even MySpace. Simply put, communities like VADriven were the backbone of social networking before the term even came into our everyday lexicon. But times have changed and we want people to be able to connect with us and fellow members across some new channels for networking and engagement. If you haven’t already, take the time to become our fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and connect with us all across the web to make sure you’re getting in on the full social experience.

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We’re looking to feature you!

We’re looking to feature you!

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05. Mar, 2010 Comments Off

VADriven is rooted as a community of auto enthusiasts. For those of us who have been around since the beginning, we’ve seen that community evolve and change, but the focus will always remain the same. As people come and go from “the scene,” it doesn’t mean things have changed around here where the majority of us can’t appreciate remarkable work in the projects people are working on. As a renewal of sorts to our roots, we’re looking to highlight what the members of our community are working on! Show us what you got and maybe you’ll find your way to a feature.

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VADriven is hiring bloggers and editorial contributors!

We’re looking to build up our editorial staff here at VADriven. With the launch of the new homepage, we want to add uniquely creative content in addition to our vibrant forum community. We’re currently accepting applications for bloggers, features writers and editors to join our staff.

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New Honda only vehicle classifieds forum!

It’s no secret that Honda/Acura related vehicles sales make up a majority of the classifieds here at VADriven. We’re always looking for ways to make our classifieds forums as efficient as possible. That’s why we’ve decided to open up a separate sub-forum for Honda/Acura vehicles for sale threads.

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Send us your news tips!

Send us your news tips!

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With the launch of our new blog, we have a lot of new and exciting content features planned. We’re always looking for new ideas and the latest information that you think might be relevant to our users. If you have a news tip for us that you think would make for a good blog post, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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